Wheel Chocks & All Things Plastic

This is a timely reminder regarding ALL caravan components made of plastic or PVC?

It’s happened to most caravaner’s – that well know brand of plastic step fails just as you are getting out of the caravan; in some instances it can cause a nasty fall resulting in injury or just severe embarrassment; either way NOT good.

This is a reminder that plastic or PVC products constantly exposed to sunlight (unless UV stabilized) will break down and fail over time. Tell tale signs are fatigue cracks, stress lines or disfiguring.

Look at what we saw the other day!

This picture shows a prominent marking by the manufacturer that their wheel chock should be replaced by a certain date – and they were correct as can be seen by the cracking that has occurred along the base.

Why not drop in to your local RV stockist who will carry a substantial range of consumable plastic and PVC products such as steps, wheel chocks, jack handles, jockey wheel handles, awning components etc and pick up a few spares JIC or better still make an inspection of your exterior plastic components and replace them as required.