What’s in a Good Service?

What’s involved in a good service?

Beside how often i.e. mileage or time, there are other things that MUST be taken into account when having your caravan serviced.

At Hardings our service procedure is broken down as follows;

  1. Routine servicing for example greasing (chassis and suspension) and disassembling, cleaning & reassembling (wheel bearings) etc is straight forward
  2. Maintenance for example inspection (chassis), adjustment (brakes) and testing (lights) can be more complex.

The picture shows our findings during a service – cracks like this can and do occur for a myriad of reasons.

We have an established check list that insures each and every time we do a service that maintenance items are brought to the customers’ attention for either immediate repair or monitoring.

This chassis crack was easily attended to – left unchecked it would have become a safety issue.













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