What is a Caravan Level Ride?

A caravan level ride (or Weight Distribution Hitch) is an important towing aid that attaches between the tow vehicle and the caravan. They increase the on-road stability of the tow vehicle by evenly distributing the towball download through the vehicles chassis to all four wheels, increasing the car’s front wheel road grip.
How do Caravan Level Rides help?

Consider the diagram on the right. The tow ball weight of the caravan is overwhelmingly sitting on the back wheels of the car. The front wheels have less traction which means less steering and braking capacity causing the car to be unstable.

The consequences may include a “pitching or floating” sensation, a tendency to sway, lack of positive steering, excessive rear tyre wear or an accident because the car is not fully in control. These consequences are then even more dangerous when you encounter difficult driving situations, such as a slippery road or turbulence.

Level Rides work to share the tow ball weight of the caravan over all wheels of the motor vehicle. They act like a set of steel “wheel barrow handles” attached to the back of the car that transfer weight forward when lifted. In the below diagram you can see that some of the load will be relieved from the car’s back wheels and added to the front. This will return front wheel steering and braking to normal and allow the car to be in control of the caravan and not vice-versa.

Selecting the correct Caravan Level Rides

The first step is based on the tow ball weight of your loaded caravan. Match the caravan level rides to your ball weight using our table below.

Swift Caravan Services have been fitting Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Systems for many years now, come in and talk to us to see if a Weight Distribution System is suitable for your rig. We can also ‘reset’ your existing Weight Distribution System if you have updated your tow vehicle or caravan.

For more information about caravan level rides or to book your caravan in for us to supply and fit the appropriate Weight Distribution kit please contact us.

Ball Weight (kg)Appropriate System
0 – 80Mini
80 – 135Intermediate
135 – 275600lb kit
275 – 365800lb kit
365 – 5451200lb kit