Toileting while travelling – Blog 1


The first of 3 blogs on “toileting while travelling” in your caravan made easy?

There are a few things that we won’t be covering i.e. who should do the emptying job (no pun intended), what chemicals to use in your top or bottom tank, how often to empty the cassette or how individuals may affect either of the later. Let’s just say that there is a world of variation amongst these topics, so we will stick (again no pun intended) to one of the staples – cleaning after use!

Periodically like after two to three months of continual use its highly recommended that the cassette gets a good clean out. Flushing with clean water after emptying is just NOT enough.

Typically, human waste when stored in cassettes usually builds up a layer of salts – that just urine breaking down into solids. Sure, there are a lot more medical, chemical and colloquial explanations but that’s what happens just the same.

Companies tout a plethora of cleaning, dissolving or descaling products; so, will your camping neighbours.

A tried and proven low cost method however is available;

  1. Remove the cassette, empty and flush 3-4 times with clean water.
  2. Purchase a 2-litre container of Vinegar – a No Name Brand is fine as vinegar is vinegar any way you label
    or charge for it.
  3. Stand that tank on its wheel end and pour in the 2 litres of vinegar then top the canister up with clean water
    and firmly replace the cap.
  4. Lower the tank down flat then let it sit for two weeks.
  5. Empty after this time and give it a flush with clean water
  6. There you have it a nice clean tank for your next journey with almost no damage to the environment.

Happy and smell free travelling.