Ensure you have a secure Caravan Sway Control

For Caravan Sway Control we suggest fitting a Hayman Reese friction sway control.

Hayman Reese Friction Sway Control

Hayman Reese Friction Sway Control

Friction Caravan Sway Control

Swaying of the Caravan is a horrible experience that will lead to great anxiety during a trip or worse, a serious accident.

The most likely causes of caravan sway are:

  • Inadequate level rides causing the car to be unstable and unable to keep the caravan under control
  • Poor caravan design or loading. If the towball weight is less than 10% of the overall weight of the van then the excessive weight behind the axle can create sway from a “pendulum” effect and lead to sway. For example bike racks or storage containers on the back of a caravan are common causes of such instability.
  • A caravan as heavy, or heavier than the tow vehicle exerting its weight advantage over the motor car.
  • And the most common one: turbulence from a passing road train or coach creates a vacuum that wants to move the caravan from its line behind the car. See below:

Caravan Sway Control Diagram

Do I need a Caravan Sway Control?

If any of these above circumstances apply to you then a caravan sway control will materially improve “the feel” of your rig, increase your safety margin, reduce driver fatigue and increase your holiday enjoyment. All rigs 15’ and over will feel a difference after a sway control has been fitted. Our consistent and positive customer feedback continually reinforces our strong promotion of the benefits of the friction sway control.

How Does It Work?

The caravan sway control acts a dampener creating resistance against the caravan moving out of line with the car. Of course the car can still turn corners normally but the van is discouraged from pivoting on the tow ball unless the car initiates the movement. Hence the van tracks tightly behind the vehicle in all circumstances.

What is involved in the installation?

We fit an adaptor lug to the heavy-duty level ride ballmount head and a bracket on the A-Frame of the caravan. The sway control quickly attaches between the two fittings and is held in place with “R” clips whilst traveling. The installation requires the car and caravan and takes around an hour.

Caravan Stability

A hot (and scary) topic…

If you have attended a recent Victorian Caravan Show, you’ve probably seen our simulator that demonstrates what can happen when your caravan is inappropriately loaded. This demonstration, follow up Internet and Facebook commentary suggests that travellers are concerned about stability when towing.

Impacts such as traffic (big trucks), weather (wind) and road conditions are almost impossible to counter.

Improved loading of your car and caravan however is within your control – remember low and towards the centre (over the axles) is best PLUS the having the correct % of ball-weight.

The video below aired recently on TV and shows an outcome that NO ONE wants to experience. The driver attempted to correct the situation BUT the outcome was disastrous.

Why not book your car/caravan in with us to have a ball weight and check/adjustment of your weight distribution system. For total peace of mind we can also quote to fit one of the two most popular Automatic Stability Control (ASC) systems e.g. ESC (Alko) or DSC (Dexter) to your car and caravan.

With a little time and money you can continue to travel with peace of mind…


Caravan Simulator Demonstration

Every picture tells a story…

At Swift Caravan Services we are committed to not ONLY providing a high level of support for our Service & Storage Customers but also to the RV/Caravanning public about towing safety.

Recently we developed a simulator to demonstrate what can happen when your caravan is inappropriately loaded.

The model allows us to simulate at speed what happens when the caravan variable loads are placed incorrectly and then correctly. The results speak for themselves.

During our demonstrations we are bombarded with questions like; “what else can we do to prevent this from happening”, “but we have just installed a big aluminium tool box on the rear of the caravan just in front of the rack that carries our two mountain bikes” or “there are no storage cupboards over our axles ONLY the double bed space which is at the rear of the caravan”.

Don’t sweat, we can help.

Swift Caravan Services trust that you will enjoy the video; for more information or to book in your rig for an evaluation / advice on the range of stability control systems that we recommend / supply and fit, please Enquire today.

Want to find out more or make a booking? Contact the team at Swift Caravan Services