Tandem Rocker Suspension

In our opinion this suspension is not the best option for touring caravans. It needs too much maintenance for the distances caravanners now typically demand. Unfortunately, it’s probably the most popular suspension on tandems. Whilst we keep rebuilding this suspension we encourage new tandem buyers to request a good quality independent system (Simplicity, Vehicle Components, Knee, Control Rider, Sugar Glider, Alko Rubber).

In relation to maintenance the shackle pins and bushes can often require replacement within 15-20,000km. These rocker systems are also very prone to breaking springs without warning. Sometimes money is better spent (once these systems need some significant maintenance) converting to the Rocker-Roller system. The Rocker-Roller is not an independent system, but a cost effective step-up from a Rocker system.

Our Advice

Ensure the rocker system is serviced every 10,000kms, carry a spare spring and budget some money for maintenance.