We believe that Swift Caravan Services is more than a business. We have a passion for caravans and always want to hear our customers caravan tales because we like to think we helped get you there. Over the next few months we want to share with you some of the stories of our ‘Swift Nomads’ who have created their own caravan adventure as they explore our beautiful country. We will re-live their stories of fun, frustration and share some great tips along the way. Make sure you stay tuned!

In this blog we share the stories from Dave Graham. Dave brings his caravan into Hardings Swift for regular servicing, but has also let us help him with installing his solar panels, body work  and leakage repairs, electrical work and upgrading the suspension from traditional leaf springs to rocker roller. Dave says that he has continued to keep us busy because “we know Caravans inside and out and never rush the job. The quality of their finish is even better than the manufacturers”. (Thanks Dave!)

Dave is not new to caravans and recalls his favourite place as the Red Centre via the Flinders Ranges:
“The vistas of red soil and lush green vegetation (due to a fair amount of rain prior) made it a stunning experience”.

He says that they are always surprised by the kindness of people they meet on the way. He also says that even though you may feel like a million miles away you can be blown away when you see people you know, but have not seen for years. One time, Dave met an old couple who were still travelling in their mid-80’s (with their cat and budgie!). Once they begun talking Dave realised that this couple owned a farm 1km away from our previous house and knew the same people we did. Then “at the same place, camping opposite from us was an old work mate who I had not seen for 10 years!”.
Has anyone else had these ‘small world’ encounters?

Even though Dave has travelled extensively in a caravan it wasn’t until 2011 that he bought his very own caravan – a used Royal Flair Series 6 Van Royce. He says that he only found this van by chance as he found it for sale in a farmers paddock “a lucky find for a good price”! They then took the van over to Adelaide for a shakedown tow to see what the van didn’t have, what we needed and how the van towed.

Dave has lots of great advice to give anyone planning their caravan trip. Here are just a few:

  • If the van is used, make sure you have it fully serviced and inspected.
  • If you plan on carrying wine use a bottle box with partitions under the bed to keep the wine from breaking while travelling.
  • If you can go the extra dollars invest in an independent suspension for the van – it will pay off in the long run!

Dave is excited to be planning his next exciting holiday this year where he will take a long trip across the Nullabor to the west then following the coast north to Broome before returning via the Goldfield Highway. He says he plans to take it slow and spend about a number of months taking in all the sights.
Sound like your idea of a perfect holiday?

Thanks Dave for your stories and tips! We look forward to hearing more after your big trip this year.