We believe that Swift Caravan Services is more than a business. We have a passion for caravans and always want to hear our customers caravan tales of adventure because we like to think we helped get you there. Over the next few months we want to share with you some of the caravan information and stories we hear from those experiencing their own caravan adventures as they explore our beautiful country. We will re-live their stories of fun, frustration and share some great caravan information along the way.

In this blog we chat to Mary and Anders who have been a customer of Hardings Swift since 2007. One time Mary recalls “Hardings discovered a crack in our chassis just before we were about to leave for the Kimberley region in WA. We had to take it up to Travel home in Newcastle, but your thoroughness saved us a massive headache. We had no problems during that trip and we did 17,500 kilometres!” Mary and Anders say that Hardings have always been “friendly, very helpful and supportive”. Thanks Mary and Anders!

Mary and Anders’ first van was a Motorhome built by Anders and a friend on the back of a Chevy Belair car in 1986. They used this van for over 20 years travelling up the east coast.
Has anyone owned a caravan for longer than this?

On their first adventure in their Travelhome, Mary and Anders arrived in Hughendon, QLD, only to be flooded in with consecutive days of torrential rain. “When we woke one morning we were in the middle of what looked like a lake!” says Mary. Lucky their friend’s maxtracks got them out, they were able to leave 4 days later. Thinking back, Mary says that “It was all great fun”.

If you are considering travelling outback and exploring our vast country, make sure you have a chat to Mary and Anders who have spent most of their recent caravan time travelling around WA and NT. Mary says that if you can make it up North, one of their favourite places is Mataranka in the Northern Territory (431 kms from Darwin). “We enjoyed exploring the Bitter Springs thermal pools, floating on noodles with the current , then getting out at the end, walking back and doing it all again!”

One great piece of advice for anyone looking to take a similar trip to the outback is to “do your homework on everything”. Mary recommends learning about the area you are visiting, including border restrictions for food and communication access. In particular she found that in many places, “only Telstra worked in the outback, and met a number of people lured into cheap phone plans, only to discover they didn’t have connection when they left the capital cities”.

Are you planning on travelling through the Outback?
If so, make sure you have your caravan properly serviced before you leave!

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