Caravan Repairs. The Swift & Easy Way

There is nothing worse than that feeling when you have had an accident. But, it doesn’t have to be that dreaded. In fact, at Swift Caravan Services we make the whole caravan repairs process simple and, well Swift.

If you have an accident on the road, don’t worry, you don’t have to end your fun. Insurance companies have made the whole repair process a lot easier for customers. All you need to do is obtain a claim number and then bring the caravan into Hardings Swift for any caravan repairs. Even if you are halfway through your trip you can just notify the insurance company when it happens or once you have returned.

The reason that you should have your caravan looked at, is that unlike cars, caravans are easier to straighten out after an accident. Their components are built separated and not bolted together like on a car. A typical caravan accident involves a bump to the external wall which can be repaired by removing the cladding to cut out the damaged framework. This framework is either timber or aluminium and once this damaged section is removed the original space returns (unlike a car where the damage has transferred through the complete metal body). We religiously use silicone for sealing all windows and edge moulds which results in a seal that will last years. If you were to leave your caravan it is likely that the seal will be damaged allowing water and moisture inside your caravan, leading to a lot more money and time needed to have it fixed.

We have over 40 years in caravan repairs and servicing and have experience in caravan repairs for Jayco caravans, Evernew caravans, Roma caravans, Galaxy caravans, Jürgen caravans, Windsor caravans, Majestic caravans, Scenic caravans and many other brands.

Have a caravan repairs question, or need to book your caravan in? Contact us today for an obligation free quote.