Outboard Motors – Carrying Them Can Now Be Easy

Swift Caravan’s RULE OF THUMB I_18

Some caravaner’s like to load the tinnie on the tug when going away – a roof rack can generally be found to do this job but what about the outboard?

Smelly (petrol), oily (leaks) and generally bulky we recently saw one of the below pictured devices fitted to the draw bar of a caravan we were servicing and thought to share the love.

Simply mounted / bolted across the draw bar it offers two positions i.e. one for loading it on (semi vertical and possibly a great place to position the motor whilst flushing it) and then it reverts to store it (horizontal and sliding). It even came with a security locking point – you might not believe how many outboards go missing from caravan parks on a yearly basis.


Outboard Motors for caravans

Available from most RV suppliers or boat suppliers it’s a convenient storage solution to a pesky problem.

BUT it’s always important to make sure that you are NOT overloading you caravan and or exceeding your ball weight – we can definitely assist you in this area (see Swift Caravan’s Rule of Thumb C_8).

If you have one and need it fitted we can oblige and even move existing drawer bar mounted gizmos if they are in the way?