Our Suspension System Tips and Advise

The best spend you can make before you next leave home is to buy the VERY best Roadside Assistance/Towing Package available or EVEN better still read on as “we have seen it all” and have a couple of handy tips.

Tandem Rocker-Suspensions are not the best option for caravans covering long distances no matter what the road type as they need a lot of maintenance; unfortunately, they are probably the most popular.

Of course, we can maintain/rebuild them but we encourage new caravan buyers to request a good quality independent system (Simplicity, Vehicle Components, Knee, Control Rider, Sugar Glider orAlko Rubber to name but a few) when buying a new caravan.

In relation to maintenance the shackle pins and bushes often require replacement within 15-20,000km (not good). We also recommend replacing the springs at 70-80,000km as after this point they become prone to breaking.

Our advice – ensure a Rocker-Suspension is serviced every 10,000km without fail. Alternatively, you can invest in a Rocker Roller Conversion. It’s NOT an independent system, but a cost-effective alternative.

Our advice – we are generally able to convert more economically than repairing your oldRocker Suspension.

Its without doubt that improved maintenance, upgrading to a new and more reliable suspension will in the long run save you money, time and a lot of inconvenience.The picture below tells a thousand stories – don’t let it be you on your next big adventure.