Nuts and Pressure – Safety First

Are your caravan wheel nuts and tyre pressures correctly tensioned and inflated?

Typically these are two of the most overlooked aspects of safe caravan travel; both can be easily addressed by sourcing and fitting (DIY) a suitable product(s) from Redcat Industries Australia.

Loose wheel nuts are the fundamental reason for loosening wheels. If not detected early, they will quickly result in expensive repairs or at worst a disastrous wheel detachment.

Note in the photo nut yellow indicators that change colour when overheating occurs!

Equally incorrect tyre pressures can cause excessive fuel consumption, increased tyre wear or again at worst a tyre failure.

Note in the photo the pre-set pressure sensing valve cap!

Redcat products are cost efficient, effective, will increase safety and subsequently prevent damage to the wheel arch area of your caravan in the event of a failure(s); both will leave you stranded.

These wheel safety products will provide a visual indication of issues between scheduled maintenance allowing timely intervention and even provide an indication of OVERHEATING brakes?

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IMPORTANT NOTE – Gone are the days that you can use a wheel brace to tension wheel nuts. With the increased weight of caravans and the subsequent reliance on correct wheel nut tension for safety we recommend and ONLY use a Torque Wrench set to manufacturers specifications.