Charge Circuits and Anderson Plugs

As many caravans now come with a ‘on-board’ battery, it often needs charging between camps. An Anderson plug is the terminology we often use for charge circuits. Large cables run from the car battery to the caravan battery through an Anderson plug. These cables are most commonly a diameter around 13mm (very large). 12-pin plugs can also be used for this purpose although the charge rate is less.

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Auxiliary Wire to run the Caravan Fridge

Hardings run a completely separate circuit direct from the car battery through a 6mm wire to the 7-pin plug to run the caravan fridge. We run direct from the car battery because it’s being charged from the car alternator and can cope with the large power drain that the caravan fridge pulls. Hardings can also install an automatic switching relay on the auxiliary wire so the fridge will only run when the car is running (prevent flat car batteries).

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Caravan Brake Controllers

Swift Caravan Services have installed brake controllers into tow vehicles for over 35 years. We have always installed ‘pendulum’ controlled units which proportionally adjust the caravan electric brakes based on the tow vehicles stopping speed. The unit we have recommend for the past 4 years is the PRODIGY which is very user friendly and provides smooth brakes in harmony with the tow vehicle. We also specialize in installations in virtually all European vehicles.

Prodigy Supplied & Fitted for just $395

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