How To Measure Your Caravan Tow Ball Weight

Figuring out your caravan tow ball weight is much easier than you may think. Instead of bringing your caravan in to us you can even have a go at following our easy steps below.

Firstly, you can figure out the tow ball weight by weighing the back of your car (or the jockey wheel if the van is uncoupled). Your caravan should place around 10% of its Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) on your tow ball. To find out the weight you just need a set of bathroom scales (so long as their capacity is high enough) and a brick or pavers. Once you have these items just follow these five simple and swift steps.

Remember, when measuring the towball weight, your caravan should be fully loaded. We also recommend using a support stand under A-frame and ensure wheels are adequately checked.

  1. Place the scales and pavers at the same height, around 900mm apart (as seen in the image).

how to measure your caravan towball weight

2. Place a piece of pipe on both the brick and scales, and then run a strong plank, at least 1200mm across.

3. Reset your scales to zero.

4. Place the jockey wheel on the plank, around 2/3 away from the scales.

5. Take the scale reading and multiply it by 3 to receive your caravan towball weight (e.g. if your scale reads 100kg, your ball reading is really 300kg – 100kg x 3)

If you are still unsure or want the experts to do this just bring your caravan into Swift Caravan Services and our tow ball weight scales can do all of the above for you.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about your caravan, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!