Jockey Wheels – some simple tips.

They can be know by other names such as “Dolly Wheels” or when they are not working or fail when you are away from home as that “Useless Thing”.

Regular servicing / inspection will avoid all your woes.

The picture shows a typical Jockey Wheel stripped and ready for repair. Notice the wear on one of the thrust washers i.e. bottom right hand side – this wheel has seen a lot of use, been left out in the weather and lifted many times its own weight on 1,000’s of occasions.

In this case it became hard to wind thus a new repair kit will be fitted – a kit replaces all the wearing bits and along with some high temperature grease it will be back, like new, simply and in a VERY short space of time.

The choice is yours; we can do it for you during your next service; you can bring it in for us to repair or you can buy a kit (available from us or most RV stockists) and repair it yourself. PS – the cost of a kit is very low; they are an invaluable spare part to carry JIC.

Make sure you provide additional support for the caravan i.e. using the corner steadies and chassis stands when working on a caravan with the Jockey Wheel removed.

With the handle roll-pin removed a repair / service should take no more than 1 hour.