What is involved in a caravan service, and why.

Why Caravan Servicing is important?

Like all servicing, people often like to put off a caravan service for as long as possible. It is an additional expense and when you aren’t in your caravan all year round, it may seem unimportant. However, if you are planning a caravan holiday you need to make sure you caravan is serviced and safe on the road, as quite often you are in remote part so Australia.

Below are some of our key points for why a caravan service is important and what parts need servicing at what times


Caravan Tyres

Caravan Tyres Servicing

The tyre industry quote around 6 years as the use by date for a tyre. Generally, on quality tyres  you will see a date stamp on the side which will look something like ’2406′. This indicates a batch number (24 – indicates the week of the year and 06 is the year).



Caravan Electric Brake Magnets

Electric Brakes on a CaravanWhen electric brake magnet is magnetised it grabs the brake drum spreading the brake linings. As a general rule these magnets should last around 50,000km. Generally after 50,000km they start to wear leading to short circuits as the magnetic coil windings start to make contact with one another.


Caravan Wheel Bearings

Weight Bearings for a Caravan
Some bearings can last 10,000 km, while others can last 30-50,000 km. Our approach has always been to change bearings as soon as we see early signs of wear.



To find out more, view our caravan servicing page here: http://hardingscaravans.com.au/caravan-services/caravan-servicing/