How to Reverse a Caravan

How to reverse a caravan
We all know that feeling. But, don’t worry reversing a caravan can be hard. It is a matter of technique, practice and teamwork. Though, to make it a little easier for you, the team at Swift Caravan Services have compiled a list of handy tips on how to reverse a caravan…

How to reverse a caravan Diagram

  1. When reversing, consider which way you want the rear of the caravan to go. Place your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel. If you want the back of the van to swing left then move your hand left. If you want the rear of the van to move to the right then move your hand right. This is an easy way to -e establish the correct wheel direction if you get a bit flustered.


  1. Continue reversing slowly when the van is in line. Inevitably the caravan will “drift” so make corrections in accordance with above.
  2. If you need a significant correction, drive forward one car length to straighten up. It is easier than making a big recovery because there is a tendency to over-correct.
  3. Make sure you have effective towing mirrors that allow you to see right down the side of the caravan. Without these you are hampered before you start.
  4. Work on the teamwork with your partner. Make your partner sign a document, which decrees that they will never go out of your sight when they are guiding you. We also suggest that the driver and the observer should swap roles occasionally to allow an understanding of each other’s predicament.The Observers should move between these below positions a couple of times during the process is only useful in one of two places.
  • On the driver’s side towards the rear of the van watching how far you can push into the site
  • On the passenger side of the car, about level with the driver to watch the door-side back corner of the van as it swings onto the site.

Remember, that if you can’t see the observer, STOP!

  1. If you are taking home your new purchase, arrange for someone to be there to do it for the first time.
  2. Local parks or empty supermarket car parks are good spots to use to practice your reversing skills.

And when you are putting your caravan on site at the caravan park don’t hesitate to confidently ask the park proprietor to put your van onto the site for you. That is their job.

Have any questions or concerns about your caravan? Bring it down to the team at Hardings Swift and we will help you out.