Hail Damage Repair

Melbourne Caravanners Can Rely On Our Caravan Hail Repairs

Been out in some wild weather and come off a bit worse for wear? Not to worry. Swift Caravan Services can help you get your vehicle looking like new, even after the heaviest, most destructive storm. Our caravan hail repairs service gets rid of those pesky, ugly dents in no time, leaving you with a pristine machine that’s ready for the road.

In 2009, followed by 2013 & 2019 we worked through a lot of hail damaged caravans. In these peak times we repaired a vast number of different brands, so you know whatever you’re bringing into the shop, we’ll know exactly what to do.


Hail damage to caravans can be quite extensive across the entire body of the vehicle even after a light hail event. Often owners tell us they didn’t even know their pride and joy was damaged until days, weeks, even months later, because the dents were visible only in certain light. The good news is, getting your caravan back up to normal an easy process when you work with professionals like Swift Caravan Services. Need to make a claim with your insurer? Our team is adept at working with all the major companies, and can provide certified caravan insurance repairs.

Repairs generally involve the replacement of large areas of aluminium, fittings and awnings.

A Swift roof re-sheeted and sealed after it comes in for caravan hail repairs is quite distinctive. We will always have a roof in our storage yard to demonstrate the attention to detail our staff put into the seam sealing on your roof. We also ensure your roof comes out with increased camber so the water is pushed off the roof quickly!

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Whether you just need your brakes checked or would like the latest and greatest gadgets and accessories installed, rely on the team at Swift Caravan Services.

Contact our workshop today on 03 9729 8477 or send us a message via our contact page or through email to info@swiftcaravanservices.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please phone with urgent enquiries.