Grey Water Tank Solution – Simple Option

Grey Water made easy.

With the advent of stricter rules (especially in National Parks or catchment areas) around grey water (sink / shower) containment, we have two options for your consideration.

Recently we have fitted a number of under van grey water containment tank systems. These installations are dependent on space and most importantly where the tank can be located (for weight distribution purposes). They generally take about two-days to complete and can add significant value to your van.

Alternatively if you are looking for a quick fix then the following could be an option or as an addition to one of our installs. NB – if you are parked in one spot for a while then you MAY NEED both.

It’s a 25 litre wheeled tank currently available on eBay or from most large RV Spare Parts Outlets for about $80.00 (flexible hose included). On the van you will need to fit a shut-off ball valve (brass type preferred) which are currently available from Masters or Bunning’s for about $14.00.

A handy reference to better understand your grey water requirements can be found at;