Have you got plenty of Knee Room – maybe NOT….

Swift Caravan’s RULE OF THUMB C_9

We have reviewed the pictured trailer brake controller before i.e. Swift Caravan’s RULE OF THUMB C_1 BUT this time we are bringing it to your attention for a completely different reason.

As is often the case when people change over cars they like to minimize costs and sometimes refit an existing / older trailer brake controller most likely from the Tekonsha range or similar. These were typically mounted on the lower/vertical dash adjacent to the driver (for easy access).

Now fast forward 5 years and several ANCAP rating upgrades later and your new tug probably now has knee air bags.

Not that you EVER want them to “go-off” but if there were too and you had mounted your existing / old controller to the panel in front of the knee airbag then it could definitely cause you a serious injury.

That’s where this little fella comes in – it can be simply mounted away from these safety devices BUT still in a convenient position to the driver.

Of course using an older or existing controller is fine; so long as it’s mounted correctly.