Swift Caravan Services offer quality caravan servicing and repairs because we know how important it is to ensure your caravan is in top condition. This way you are on the road swifter and longer.

Throughout our years we have heard many great stories from our swift nomads as they travel across our amazing and vast country. Many travel north, some travel west and others south in the pursuit to discover new places or re-discover old favourites.  As we recall all the adventures we have heard, we thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could compile and share these stories of Australia, State by State?’ So, that is what we want to do!

Join us each month as we explore a different state of Australia through the eyes of a swift nomad. To do this, we ask everyone to join in and send us a photo or story of each monthly state. Prizes will also be awarded each month to:

  1. The most inspiring story or photo
  2. The funniest story or photo and,
  3. The most remote or unique location visited

To submit a photo or story all you need to do is send us a private message on Facebook and we will upload it to our page to share to the rest of the swift nomads. Feel free to also send as many photos or stories as you want, whether it is for the same or different states.

For September we will start with VICTORIA. So, what are you waiting for? Help us explore our amazing country, state by state through the eyes of a travelling caravan and jump onto our facebook page.