Caravan Towing. Make sure you have the Correct Car and Caravan Combination.

People are increasingly purchasing larger caravans but don’t often consider that they need to assess their towing vehicle. We constantly discuss with our customers the importance of purchasing a new tow vehicle that can safely tow the caravan. In the end it is usually the ball weight that swings the decision.

A Prado for example is designed for a maximum ball weight of 250kg. If you were to tow a caravan that had a ball weight of 320 this could not only break the towbar but also mean that you are void for any insurance if there was an accident.

You also need to be aware of tow vehicles that have sliding scales on their ball weights. For example, they may be able to take a 300kg ball weight providing the weight of the caravan is 1500kg or less, but if they tow 2500kg they can only withstand 150kg ball weight.

Our advice is make sure you do your research on both your car and caravan prior to a purchase. You can read more information here about caravan towing or you can also contact the team at Swift Caravan Services for any questions you may have.