Common Tow Vehicle Set Up

Below are some common tow vehicle set up in our Electrical shop

Caravan 3-Way Fridge

3-Way caravan fridges run off the car battery when travelling. A special circuit with an automatic switching system needs to be installed to your vehicle.

Hayman Reese WDH
Weight Distribution

Then once you’ve collected your caravan a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution System ties it all together nicely.

RedArc Tow Pro Elite Brake Controller
Brake Controllers

The RedArc Tow Pro Elite is still our preferred brake controller and on of the smoothest units ever produced.

Hayman Reese Towbars

Hayman Reese Towbars generally compete well on price with genuine towbars.

Safety Dave reverse camera
Reverse Camera Systems

We often fit reverse cameras when installing all these other electrical items. Safety Dave camera is well regarded in the caravan industry.

BCDC Charges for 2nd Battery

Some vehicles now need a special unit called a BCDC charger to allow the 2nd battery to receive sufficient charge.

Clearview next gen towing mirrors
ClearView Mirrors

The ClearView Mirrors are perfect for towing. No need to put towing mirrors on every time you have the caravan on the back.

Alko ESC
Alko ESC

If your caravan has Also ESC the car needs a dedicated circuit to run the ESC module. So important not to forget this.

12-Pin Plug

This has become commonly used on caravans. The usual 7-pin flat take one side, whilst the large 5-pins often take fridge wiring, ESC and charge circuits.

Hayman Reese Towbars

Since its inception in 1951, Hayman Reese has been the Australian leader in aftermarket towing. Hayman Reese designs, manufactures, tests and distributes vehicle towing systems including towbars, weight distributing hitches, sway controllers, and a wide range of accessories.

Swift Caravan Services have been a Hayman Reese distributor for over 40 years. Hayman Reese towbars generally compete well on price with genuine towbars, and Hayman Reese’s wiring looms and tow modules integrate seamlessly with your vehicles electrical system. The Hitch Receiver towbars are usually rated to the vehicles maximum towing capacity and are a must if towing caravans, large trailers, boats or horse floats. Hayman Reese heavy duty hitch receiver towbars are compatible with all Hayman Reese accessories such as Hayman Reese weight distribution systems.

Weight Distribution

Towing without a Weight Distribution System can cause unnerving trailer sway, reduced steering and braking responsiveness, less traction and misaligned head lights. Over time you may also notice a reduction in fuel economy and increased tyre wear.

When using a Weight Distribution System, the ball weight remains the same, however the load is evenly distributed through the vehicle’s chassis to all four wheels. It is important that the capacity of the Weight Distribution System is correctly chosen and that the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations are always followed.

Swift Caravan Services have been fitting Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Systems for many years now, come in and talk to us to see if a Weight Distribution System is suitable for your rig. We can also ‘reset’ your existing Weight Distribution System if you have updated your tow vehicle or caravan.

Brake Controllers

The vast majority of caravans nowadays have electric brakes which means you will need an electric brake controller in your vehicle.

Swift Caravan Services have been fitting brake controllers for many years, and can tackle any vehicle including the many popular European brands now used for towing. We are big fans of the RedArc Tow Pro Elite.

Alko ESC

Whether it’s and Ignition ‘hotwire’ for your 3-way fridge, an Alko ESC power circuit, or a caravan battery charge circuit, Swift Caravan Services can wire your vehicle up to suit any caravan.

Safety Dave reverse camera

We often fit reverse camera systems when installing other electrical systems. A reverse camera on the back of your caravan can be left on while driving, unlike a camera on the back of your car, giving you much clearer picture of what’s happening behind you. We recommend the Safety Dave cameras and monitors.

Clearview next gen towing mirrors

Swift Caravan Services are a distributor for ClearView Mirrors. We can supply and fit ClearView towing mirrors to a large number of popular tow vehicles. Give us a call to check price and availability for your vehicle.