Caravan Windows – Simple Maintenance

When silicone and sealer shrinks – the water leaks start.

Ever noticed that slightly damp / mouldy smell in your van?

Over time the sealer around your windows (and across your roof) degrades creating a point for water to come inside.

A number of caravan manufacturers also used foam tape as a sealant which also degrades over time.

Take a look immediately below your windows for any sign of staining on your walls – it usually looks like faint black streaks. This can also occur in overhead cupboards, sometimes without anyone noticing.

We know how and where to inspect for this pesky problem, which, providing you get to it sooner rather than later is not a hard thing to fix.

Based on our experience we ONLY use proven HIGH QUALITY sealers which, vary by location i.e. different products for the roof and for windows.

PS – When storing your van get some Damp Rid Moisture Absorber from a supermarket and place the container in a plastic laundry tub in the centre of your van – it will do a GREAT job of keeping your van dry and smelling nice when not in use.