Caravan Windows opening unannounced?


Windows opening unannounced?

We have a simple solution.

You may recall one of our previous Rule of Thumbs (actually it was B_5) where we talked about “window catches” and “how to keep the dust out”.

The photo on the left shows a common window catch – these OFTEN come loose; why you ask?

Well it’s simple.

Roads whilst bitumen can be rough (even worse if you are driving on unmade ones) and while driving along all vans (it doesn’t matter whether they are aluminium or timber framed, airbag or coil spring suspended) flex. This flexing is quite normal, in fact it’s part of their design – if they were built too rigid they would eventually shake themselves (and you) to bits.

This flexing causes these types of catches to work themselves loose to the point where one or both of the catches open causing  the window to become  ajar – at this point you and your van become susceptible to dust and water getting in – not a good thing!

The photo on the right shows a simple DIY securing device –  just get a loop of round (1.5mm) hat elastic and circle it over the catch when in the locked position and then around say the winder handle or the winder mechanism aka the short centre one for the former and the longer outer one for the later – there you have it; a simple, on the road fix that you can use day to day or if the flexing we refer to occurs more frequently i.e. when travelling on rougher / dirt roads then you can JUST use it then.

One of our clients told us about this fix following their journey from Kununurra to Broome along the infamous “Gibb River Road”. In their group of well known, top brand of caravans who all used this type of catch this solution prevented any unannounced window opening; their trip was therefore dust and stress free.

Caravan Window Latch  Caravan Window Latch

Caption – A common window catch and a simple securing device