Caravan Tyres – Safety Solution


Caravan tyres get “old” – just like humans.

Getting old for caravanners can mean more time on the road.

Getting old for tyres is definitely BAD news!

Unlike a car, tread depth is not a true indication of tyre life – unless the tyre is worn badly on the edges due to a wheel alignment issue (we can fix that in a jiffy).

Tyre Sidewalls deteriorate due to standing around all day in the sun, wind, rain and cold holding up your precious caravan.

They have a birthdays just like us – take a look at the tyre sidewall “stamping” to find out when they were made (this could be on the outside or the inside of the tyre and generally after a DOT or between two DOTS)

As a rule of thumb, they are good for 5-6 years!

Let Harding’s advise you about the correct size, carrying capacity and style of tyres that would best suit your van and more importantly where you plan to travel.

Tyre guys generally sell what’s in their stock; we will ONLY recommend what’s right.

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