Caravan Suspensions – Simple Option

What’s holding you up or – letting you down?

Out with the old and in with the new!

You are packed & ready to go; way more gear than you took last time BUT who cares; it will be fine?

You’re cruising down the Pacific Highway; on the side of the road you see what has become an all too familiar sight. There is a jack under one side of a van and a wheel on the ground; the driver is looking really unhappy. The kids are playing by the road side and there is someone on the phone trying to organise a tow truck or a mechanic to come to their assistance.

All very avoidable if you bring your van into us before this happens to you; we can advise if your suspension is up to “speed” or if its needs attention.

The “OLD” rocker suspensions are low cost ones that have been installed for years by most caravan manufacturers BUT they have a reputation of breaking springs, letting you “down” and ruining holidays.

We fit and RECOMMEND a “Rocker Roller” type of suspension which pretty much eliminates broken springs and lets you get on with your holiday with “no hassles”.



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