Let us take care of all your servicing needs

All our services are performed on our specialised ‘caravan hoists’. Our experienced team and large workshop allow us to offer quality service to ensure your caravan is in perfect condition for your next adventure.

Swift Caravan Services offer two prices depending on your caravan axles

Single Axle: $390.00 Tandem Axle: $450.00

Consumables, grease, seals and other parts/labour are additional to the above standard service price.
Caravans are generally required for between 5 to 10 days depending on job requirements/work load/time of year
Caravans being dropped in for work are scheduled by time slots unless otherwise arranged
Caravan collections are scheduled by time slots unless otherwise arranged

What’s included in our caravan servicing?

At Swift Caravan Services our Undercarriage Service includes a checklist of around 40 different items on your chassis and suspension system. The key areas that we will work on while servicing your caravan are:

  • Wheels, brakes and bearings stripped – these will be checked and serviced
  • Tyres and wheels inspected
  • Springs and shackles checked for wear, outriggers, chassis rails, cross-members and A-frames checked for damage/fatigue
  • All moving components inspected
  • Jockey wheel and jacks lubricated for ease of operation
  • External traffic lights and wiring connections inspected
  • Water Tank mountings and hoses inspected for integrity and protection
  • Handbrake cable adjustment and effectiveness checked
  • Independant Suspension has correct torque setting and shocker condition

Below are some details about the range of undercarriage caravan servicing we offer


The tyre industry quote around 6 years as the use by date for a tyre. Unfortunately most caravans have periodic use, so the date comes due well before the tread is worn, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Our advice — tread carefully after 6 years or bring your caravan in for regular servicing!

Electric Brake Magnets

As a general rule these electric brake magnets should last around 50,000kms. Our advice – be ready to change the magnets at 50,000km. Make sure you have a pendulum brake control unit such as a Redarc Tow Pro Elite so you get a good 50,000km from your magnets.
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Wheel Bearings

Some bearings can last 10,000 km, while others can last 30-50,000 km. Generally, wheel bearings are a low cost item and it’s not worth saving them for another 10,000km and risk significant damage. Our advice – change bearings when early wear signs appear.
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Tandem Rocker Suspension

In our opinion this suspension is not the best option for touring caravans. It needs too much maintenance for the distances caravanners now typically demand. Our advice – ensure a rocker system is serviced every 10,000km, carry a spare spring and budget some money for maintenance.
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Independent Suspensions

Independent suspensions are a more sophisticated suspension. They put much less pressure on the springs as the trailing arm supports the wheel load so the spring is purely used as a ‘spring’. Our advice – review the wheel alignment otherwise service at normal intervals, but generally a very low maintenance system.
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Single Leaf Suspensions

These systems are reasonably maintenance free. Our advice – change the springs at the 80,000km, plus monitor bush & slipper wear.
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Breakaway Systems

This emergency system is designed to apply the caravan brakes if the caravan breaks away completely from the tow vehicle. Our advice – change the breakaway battery every 2 years and have the switch checked regularly.
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Chassis Fatigue

As part of our 10,000km Undercarriage Service we pay particular attention to finding cracks in the chassis from fatigue. Our advice – regular servicing will prevent small cracks getting bigger!
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