Caravan Reverse Cameras – Simple Option

Looking backwards – it’s harder than you think.

BUT we know how to make it easy.

You’ve experienced or seen it many times – a newbie arrives in the caravan park.

Out comes the deck chairs & drinks; the neighbours “assume the position” (watching one back in) or worst case, come to offer their advice.

“Left hand down, no the other way, too far, back again” and so the saga goes on. All whilst the passenger is yelling “this way, no not that way, or, over to me” – and you can’t even see them?

A quality reverse camera takes out all the stress – it assists you to “see” exactly what’s going on behind; most models feature a speaker to also let you “hear” what’s going on. The handheld walkie talkies are now a thing of the past.

With a reverse camera you are no longer a subject of discussion instead you are VERY popular at happy hour as you have earned the respect of the wannabies.