Looking to add a Dual Battery Circuit to your caravan?


One of the services that Hardings Swift offer is that we can fit auxiliary or 2nd batteries to your tow vehicle. The auxiliary is used to power appliances/accessories (but never your brake controller) such as radios, fridges, Engle, lights, pumps, phone and laptop chargers without compromising the starting batter – so enabling you to start the car engine even when the auxiliary battery is flat.

We fit quality locally made anodised cradles, which are rust and corrosion resistant for long life and along with an automatic battery isolator for ease of use. (No more having to remember to change switch modes). The battery isolator also ensures the cranking battery receives full charge before charging the auxiliary batteries. The auxiliary circuit can also be used to charge a battery in the van via an Andersen plug circuit, which runs the 12-volt appliances in your caravan. This could effectively and safely double the amount of battery power available for your stay away from mains power.

When selecting an auxiliary battery you should be looking at the best quality and highest amp-hour capacity you can fit – with preference for deep cycle batteries as these batteries are designed to be slowly drained over a longer time and can be discharged to flat and recharged safely without long-term dame to the battery, due to their heavier construction.

Although a dual battery system and auxiliary wiring may seem simple, due to the complex wiring and many on board computers in cars, nowadays it is easy for things to go wrong and it is something that should really be left to qualified and experienced people for long-term peace of mind.

Hardings Swift typically install a 2nd battery to your 4WD for around $900.

To find out more about a duel battery circuit or to book your car in for this service, please contact us!