Caravan Repairs Following a Mishap

Caravan repairs following a mishap – its ONLY a matter of time…

It’s been a long day; your site looks like it would fit one of those rental RV’s easy, BUT you have a 20-foot tandem caravan and are towing it with a larger four-wheel drive or SUV.

It will never fit but you must give it a go.

Back and forth with all manner of on lookers providing advice then on the final adjustment the park water tap or worst-case scenario the power pole gets in the way. And there you have it – damage to your precious caravan.

You are two weeks into a 4-week trip. What to do?

If the damage does not make the caravan unroadworthy a temporary repair with some Gaffa Tape (available from most hardware or Auto stores) will keep things covered until you get home.

It’s now time to call your insurance company, take a couple of photos and then call Swift Caravan Services to book it in for repair for when you return.

It’s that simple as we take care of dealing with your insurance company and by doing a first-class repair bringing your caravan back to new again.

Our sentiment is “as long as no one is injured, then the rest is easy”.