A caravan has become a very personal item for many people, as it is like your second home. Customers like the confidence that we have worked on their brand of caravan before and understand how it is put together.


An example of recent insurance repairs

  • 2015 Jayco SilverLine (Replacement of Complete wall)
  • 2014 Kedron (Rebuilding top Offside wall area)
  • 2013 Evernew (Hail Damage to Roof)
  • 2014 Jurgens (Wall Damage)
  • 2012 Jayco (Replacement of Complete Wall)
  • 2013 Avan (Replacement of Complete Wall)
  • 2012 Galaxy (Wall Damage)
  • 2013 Blue Sky (A-Frame Replacement)
  • 2007 Jayco Camper (Roof Replacment)
  • 2009 Majestic (Front Stoneguard Damage)
  • 2009 Supreme (Awning Damage)
  • 2013 Lotus  (Wall Damage)
  • 2014 New Age (Wall damage)
  • 2005 Coromal (Hail Damage)
  • 2011 Crusader (Wall Damage)
  • 2011 Roadstar (Awning)
  • 2007 Regent (Jacknife)
  • 1998 Gazal (Rear wall/internal)
  • 2008 Concept (Awning)
  • 2004 Paramount (Awning
  • 2007 Windsor (Caravan mover)
  • 2011 Roma (Rear bumper bar)
  • 2010 Echuca Quantum (hail)

Over the years we have built up good relationships with various manufacturers, their people in the spare parts departments to allow us to source parts and information from these manufacturers.


Jayco Caravan Roma Caravan Scenic Caravan
Majestic Caravan Windsor Caravan Jurgen Caravan
Galaxy Caravan Evernew Caravan


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