Caravan Hot Water Systems – System Maintenance


How good are you “treating” your Hot Water System (HWS) It all depends.

What the heck is an Anode?

Well it’s something that goes inside most HWS’s.

Depending on where you travel it can last a short time (+/- 1 year) or longer (up to 2 years).

The quality of the water that you pass through your system makes all the difference!

Water that contains a lot of minerals i.e. in Central Australia will cause them to wear fast.

They are designed to keep the tank from corroding and are easy to change or we can do it for you during a service.

For the DIY – it’s important to flush the tank out before installing a new one and don’t forget to clean the internal thread after removing the old anode, and to place sealant tape around the anode thread before installation.

We always carry them in stock and they aren’t expensive; the whole job should take about 1-hour.

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