Caravan Hot Water (Suburban) – Servicing

Do you have a Suburban Hot Water Service (HWS)?

Is it proving difficult to light first time on gas – generally this is what might be happening;

When you turn on the HWS gas switch (generally located inside the caravan) the indicator light glows, you hear the igniter start to click and the gas burner starting to light then the light goes out but the igniter is still clicking (this goes on for about 10 seconds) then the gas burner goes out and the indicator light comes back on and nothing has started.

You then turn the gas operation switch off, try again after say 1-2 minutes when it sometimes starts and runs fine but at other times it takes another one or two attempts to start and run using the above procedure.

Frustrating, but easy to fix….

Using an air compressor, clear out the burner tunnel of dust, soot and debris which has accumulated over time. This is done by removing the three screws that hold the squarish flue (1) in place.

Then remove the igniter probe (2) and clean the tip with a fine wire brush or fine sandpaper and as well as cleaning the mounting plate (3). Ensuring the prongs on the probe are approximately 3 mm apart, reinsert and secure it back in place and you’re done.

Try lighting again and all should work as expected – first time.

On the off chance, you could have a dodgy gas regulator which should always be fitted / replaced by a gas fitter (they are licensed and can provide a certificate of compliance) who will also check for leaks and correct operation.

This is a simple and relatively low cost job which we can perform (and certify) during your next service.