Caravan Heating – Simple Option

Diesel keeps me warm – EVERYONES happy.

During winter travels you have to go a fair way NORTH before it heats up!

As more people free camp and travel extensively below the tropic of Capricorn when an AC unit (noisy) / blow heater (bit unsafe) doesn’t cut it, we have a cost effective and practical answer.

A 10 litre diesel fuel tank is mounted in a “convenient to fill” location (running up to 4 hours per day this tank will last quite a while and is cheap to fill).

You select a cupboard or space that doesn’t get a lot of use, where we mount the 12 volt motor / heater assembly and then plumb the exhaust and air inlets accordingly.

The controller (we suggest the standard one) is generally placed in reach of “the bed” so “someone” then controls the “time to get out” & “the temperature” and there you have it – happy campers.

Caravan Heating is a VERY popular job for our trained staff and one that we suggest is NOT a DYI unless you are very handy.

Heater Installations