Caravan Gas Regulators – Simple Maintenance

Are you regulating correctly?

Gas regulation is often an overlooked maintenance item.

Following a number of gas bottle refills contaminates i.e. water and debris can be introduced into the bottle and if so the regulators will play-up!

The regulator mixes gas and air providing the correct gas pressure to your sensitive appliances.

Gas Cook Tops & Ovens need them, Gas hot water systems won’t work without them and 3-Way fridges play up and fail to get cold if they don’t work correctly.

Some appliances will JUST NOT operate and some will BUT at a low efficiency level.

A quick check is to light the burner on a gas cook top and adjust the setting to high. If the flame fails to rise in height or burns with a flickering or long yellow top then the regulator may need changing.

Typically you have ONLY one regulator between your gas bottle and your van BUT if two gas bottles are fitted it may have a tap (pictured) on top to allow you to easily change supply from one to another.

It’s always a good idea NOT to let your bottles run out completely due to the possibility of those contaminates entering the system.

Regulators should always be fitted / replaced by a gas fitter (one who is licensed and can provide a certificate of compliance) who will check for leaks and correct operation. This is a simple and relatively low cost job which we can perform (and certify) during your next service.

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