Caravan Fridges – Simple Option

“Running” a bunch of electrical stuff on the move – how complicated has caravanning become.

Power this, power that and most importantly, keep the drinks cold.

Remember the early caravanning days when it was just a 5-pin Utilux (steel) plug; the kind you used to see dragging on the ground when someone forgot to connect it properly, or, it just fell out.
Then came the 7-pin taking into account electric brakes and probably a three way fridge (hot-wire)?

And now it’s the big “Kahuna” aka the 12-pin Britax.

Most caravans today would benefit from changing over to a 12-pin plug – why you might ask; well it’s all about the terminal capacity – that sounds VERY technical but it’s actually very SIMPLE.

The wire size that can be used with these is much bigger, making all the different voltages that flow through the plug correct, PLUS they don’t provide as much resistance which insures that they won’t get hot and burn out – quite a common occurrence actually.

Drop past with your caravan and or car so we can best advise what your next steps should be.