Caravan Entry Door Handles – Simple Maintenance

Let me in “please” – if you have the “spare” (excuse the pun) time.

Trivial Pursuit question – “You can’t go in without one of these” and no, it’s not a key?

Most caravans come fitted with Camec entry doors, which work great UNTIL the cheap-and-cheery outer door handle gives up the ghost.

Costing around $30.00 they are an essential spare part to have just-in-case.

Most caravan service businesses carry them – we always have plenty in stock.

The first thing you will notice is when you raise the handle, there’s a bit more “give” in the upward direction – eventually it will break off leaving you stranded as you can’t get into your caravan.

As a rule of thumb they last about 2-3-years depending on how many times you use them as full-on handle when opening the door (not such a great idea) and not just as a release of the latches.

We can replace it for you during a service for around $90 or you can buy one for a “spare”. To make life easy, take a look at this You Tube Link to see how easy they are to replace!

PS – Keep an eye out for the hidden screw.

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