Caravan Couplings – Simple Option

Are you an ODD COUPLE? – it’s the bit in-between that counts.

Going into a National Park soon or planning to bump up & over that gutter in the caravan park? Or maybe just venturing into that great Free Camp you found recently on Wiki Camps?

The old 50mm tow ball and coupling is fast approaching “end of life” as we know it.

Not because they don’t function well; on a lightly loaded box or boat trailer they continue to do a fine job.

It’s all about what we do and where we take caravans nowadays.

What’s considered an “off-road” coupling actually also benefits the on/off-highway tourer allowing more “flexibility” if you get the drift?

PS – It’s advisable once you move off the bitumen to remove your Weight Distribution Hitch (if fitted) and significantly reduce your speed.

Getting to that perfect spot often entails putting the coupling under HUGE stresses; that’s where an articulating type of coupling comes into its own.

Dirt roads, steep gutters and driveways can present real problems for standard ball type couplings – we fit and recommend the DO35 system…it will let you go just about anywhere…

D0 35 Coupling