Caravan Braking Systems – Simple Maintenance

Locking brakes – how “blinky” annoying.

Probably the most common complaint amongst caravan owners – the fix however is rather simple.

Most of us non-mechanically minded caravaners have no idea what’s going on inside of our brakes!

There are some springs, a magnet and around the edge material that jams up against a drum to make you stop. As you can imagine it all gets VERY dusty and dirty and like us they needs the occasional clean and adjustment.

Do you need to know what each bit does – not really, other than to understand that they are no different to the ones on your car which generally get serviced every 10,000k’s.

If you don’t then expect flat spots on your tyres, inefficient and dangerously UNSAFE braking and a bit of whiplash when they come on faster than what they should (especially at low speeds).

We have HUGE hoists that we place your caravan on and then raise it up in the air allowing us to NOT ONLY service your brakes, but while we are there take a good look over everything underneath.

In our minds, PREVENTION is MUCH better than a cure.

Servicing Caravan Brakes