Put the “brakes” on – steady that is and with the right break controller.

Remember the sinking feeling when you had to do a “hard stop” whilst towing the van?

It may have been a roo if you were coming down the Kidman Way or a truck pulling back in on the Great Western Highway after he had to overtake “THAT” slow van.

Anyway, brake controllers are an integral part of setting up a new or existing car for towing and like all technology recent changes have made them more reliable and safer.

There are a number of controllers on the market all promising similar things – our BEST experience has been with three brands namely; Prodigy, Tow-Pro (pictured) and the new Hayman Reece Compact IQ . All feature a pendulum system and NOT a solid state system. Solid state controllers can cause the brakes to run hot, then the grease spills out, resulting in brakes wearing away within 15,000k’s rather than lasting the normal 40-50,000k’s and can become “grabby” which will drive you mad.

PS – Hot brakes will also lead to early wheel bearing failure so it’s best to get it all sorted “up front”.

We have a dedicated staff member (he’s an auto electrician with years of experience in fitting up electrical bits to cars to make them SAFER and EASIER to tow caravans) who ONLY does this type of work in our workshop.

After all fit ups we spend time teaching you how to set things, the do’s and don’ts and most importantly we do it in layman’s terms so you fully understand how EVERYTHING works together – your local auto electrician can fit things but our after service is what makes us stand out…