Camper Trailer Servicing

All our services are performed on our specialised ‘caravan hoists’. Our experienced team and large workshop allow us to offer quality service to ensure your caravan is in perfect condition for your next adventure.

Swift Caravan Services offer two prices depending on your caravan axles.

Single Axle: $390.00 Tandem Axle: $450.00

Consumables, grease, seals and other parts/labour are additional to the above standard service price.
Caravans are generally required for between 5 to 10 days depending on job requirements/work load/time of year
Caravans being dropped in for work are scheduled by time slots unless otherwise arranged
Caravan collections are scheduled by time slots unless otherwise arranged

What’s involved in our camper trailer service

At Swift Caravan Services our Undercarriage Service includes a checklist of around 40 different items on your chassis and suspension system. The key areas that we will work on while servicing your camper trailer are: