Caravan Bike Racks

Bicycles are a wonderful addition to a caravan holiday. Either as a means for the kids to keep themselves occupied in a safe environment or for the “big kids” to exercise and explore their nearby surroundings.

Whatever, the reason bicycles can be prove to be a difficult item to take with you due to their awkward size and shape, which is why Swift Caravan Services have developed a selection of caravan bike rack mounting options to solve all customer problems.

If you are looking to bring bicycles with you on your next caravan getaway then we will work with you and your caravan to make sure it happens.

We will assess the following details while fitting your caravan bike rack:

A-Frame Caravan Bike Rack

With this caravan bike rack, the bikes are mounted high up over the fittings on the A-Frame. This can be helpful where the draw bar is short and otherwise a turning circle conflict could occur. This installation involves a bit more fabrication and can interfere with the front boot or front window of the caravan. Assuming the draw bar is long enough you will still have access to the front boot with a more convenient height to secure bikes when mounting.