Caravan Windows opening unannounced?

Swift RULE OF THUMB B_9 Windows opening unannounced? We have a simple solution. You may recall one of our previous Rule of Thumbs (actually it was B_5) where we talked about “window catches” and “how to keep the dust out”. … Continued

Caravan Batteries – Simple Solution

All batteries aren’t the same – they differ, a lot, between brands and types. It’s potentially a trap especially when changing out batteries if your existing charger rates fail to meet or exceed your new battery requirements. Here are some … Continued

Caravan Gas Regulators – Simple Maintenance

Are you regulating correctly? Gas regulation is often an overlooked maintenance item. Following a number of gas bottle refills contaminates i.e. water and debris can be introduced into the bottle and if so the regulators will play-up! The regulator mixes … Continued

Caravan Fridges – Simple Option

“Running” a bunch of electrical stuff on the move – how complicated has caravanning become. Power this, power that and most importantly, keep the drinks cold. Remember the early caravanning days when it was just a 5-pin Utilux (steel) plug; … Continued

Caravan Braking Systems – Simple Maintenance

Locking brakes – how “blinky” annoying. Probably the most common complaint amongst caravan owners – the fix however is rather simple. Most of us non-mechanically minded caravaners have no idea what’s going on inside of our brakes! There are some … Continued

Caravan Couplings – Simple Option

Are you an ODD COUPLE? – it’s the bit in-between that counts. Going into a National Park soon or planning to bump up & over that gutter in the caravan park? Or maybe just venturing into that great Free Camp … Continued

Caravan Reverse Cameras – Simple Option

Looking backwards – it’s harder than you think. BUT we know how to make it easy. You’ve experienced or seen it many times – a newbie arrives in the caravan park. Out comes the deck chairs & drinks; the neighbours … Continued