An AMPFIBIAN MAX – what the heck is it?


DO I need one?

If you ever connect your caravan to an ordinary house hold power point (generally ONLY rated to 10 amps) or you use a generator that is ONLY rated up to 10 amps then yes you do.

It’s actually a power adapter with caravaner’s in mind.

Weatherproof, it allows your caravan to connect legally to 10A power points and includes a fast acting earth leakage safety protection component.

It works with an ordinary and heavy-duty lead (up to 12mm diameter) so generally no added cost here.

It offers R.C.D.  (Residual Current Detection) which doesn’t prevent shock but will minimise the effects by shutting the power off quickly.

We have seen lots of “Death-leads” and adaptors i.e. 10A to 15A leads with a 15A socket at one end, and an illegally modified plug on the other; these breach all electrical standards and create potentially  lethal electrical connections.

Household power points can safely supply 10A, well below the current drawn by your caravan. The electrical hazards involved in connecting a 10A mains source to a caravan are the reason 15A plugs do not fit into 10A power points.

Many people are using illegally modified plugs/leads putting themselves, their property and other people around them at risk.

They can be purchased at quality RV s parts stores, major hardware outlets or electrical distributors – there are a few model variants but go “weatherproof” as we have seen lots of caravan damage caused by plug joins/plugs getting water logged causing major shorting and damage.

The ONLY down side – theft? These are not cheap and are very portable so would-be-thieves will be enticed to take yours. We have seen small pad locks attached to them which work as a deterrent BUT if someone wants something so bad then you could find yourself missing one?

The old adage applies here for sure – “better to be safe than sorry”!